Life Teen is a comprehensive youth ministry program with a strong focus on the Eucharist. Despite its phenomenal growth, it has never deviated from what it set out to be – a parish-based Catholic-centered ministry for all high school teens. The goal of Life Teen is to create an environment to lead teens into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. It speaks to teens on all levels: emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual.

The evening begins with a Mass directed specifically towards teens, which is followed immediately by the Life Night, which falls under one of three categories: catechetical, issue, or social. The primary objective is to encourage teens to realize a deeper relationship with Christ and to challenge them to live their faith as they carry out their daily lives. Teens experience this sharing in an atmosphere of love and acceptance from their peers and the adult leaders who are there to assist them in their journey.

In order for Life Teen to achieve its full potential, the full support of the St. Vincent Ferrer parish family is essential. The youth ministry director works closely with the priest and initiates, organizes, and oversees the program among a Core Team of trained adult leaders, parish leadership, and the parish community.

The Life Teen Core Team is made up of adults who are 21 years old and older. Each Core Member is charged to reach out to teens on both an individual basis and as a member of the of the Core Team. Core Members assist with all Life Nights and retreats.

Life Teen is Sunday evenings from 6:45 (immediately following 5:30 Mass) to 8:30PM in the youth center. Night includes dinner and there is NO cost to attend!

For more information about Life Teen, please contact the Cheryl Deneen at (561) 276-6892, Extension 330.


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