think God

Using content from the website, THINK GOD! is our continuing adult Faith Enrichment program that meets on most Thursday mornings from 9:15 in the Rectory Conference Room.

The format is simple — we watch a video and then we discuss it. It’s “edu-tainment” and fellowship, and all are welcome to attend every week, or whenever possible.

Currently in Session until November 8th:

Who Am I To Judge?

Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love, by Dr. Edward Sri

What is “right” and “wrong?” Is what’s right for you right for me? Is there a right and wrong for everyone, all the time?

These are difficult questions to discuss in our culture. We live in a society that supports the opinion that each person should make up his or her own morality—that there is no moral truth that applies to everyone.

Many of us have been affected by the relativistic outlook that pervades the modern world. Maybe some of us wonder whether there really is an absolute right and wrong for everyone. Or maybe we accept that there is a moral standard for all, but we don’t know how to explain our moral convictions in a convincing way. Maybe some of us are afraid of saying something is immoral because we’re afraid of offending others or of being labeled intolerant. How do we talk about morality in a relativistic world? That’s what we explore in this study.

Questions? Contact Mary Somerville at 561-665-8566 or [email protected], or call Lily Potito at 561-450-6703.